Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding Day
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As I'm sure most of you who are kind enough to read this blog know, I got married last month. It was a really cool experience having everyone I loved in the same room. I can't even begin to hope that I will have another chance to live something like that in this lifetime.

So now I embark upon a new life, one in which I never ever whine about women. I am a new man. I am also a testament to God's diligence, for God definitely hadn't to settle in for the long haul with me. I would expect that from the almighty, but to receive such support from my friends is just humbling.

Yes, my wedding day was for all intents and purposes the most amazing day of my life. If not for the fact I was marrying a woman far superior to me, then for the fact that there were people there to witness. And not only witness it, but party it up because of it. I guess it's safe to say I am extremely happy and blessed.


Blogger Justin said...

WOW! This is the one and only end all indie God of the metroplex? :shocked: :D The first picture of you I see ever is you in your frilly tuxedo all primped up and gelled out to the max. I guess what I'm trying to say is I should have seen you all decked out in your Hourly Radio band t-shirt and your Old Navy cargo shorts with Tevas on. :D I'm very happy for you Jasien, you and your bride look great. Keep up the great work and just know that we did miss you!



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