Wednesday, April 01, 2009

SPAM:: Someone Please Assist Music


I do not have time to go through my inbox. I just don't. I sit down, and I try, then I get distracted or something more appealing (like being hit by a bus) comes up and I just walk away. I've decided after much deliberation, that I need some assistance with my inbox and rather than give everyone my email address and login info, I think I'll just post several of the music submissions I get on a weekly basis and let you decided what you like. I call this kind of music "Someone Please Assist Music" or "S.P.A.M."

Below you will find links to mp3's that you can listen to and save or throw away in your electronic trash cans. All I ask is that you please, PLEASE, post a comment about what you liked and didn't like. P.S. Most of this may not be any good. Just warning you. -SWORDS

1. Black Math Horseman - Origin Of Savagery

2. Saint Bernadette - Already Gone

3. Patrick Pleau - Linoceros

4. Kid606 - Mr. Wobbles Nightmare (THIS IS SO SAD and HILARIOUS!)

5. Willie Heath Neal - Out Of Highway

6. LANDy - BFF

7. Faunts - Feel.Love.Thinking.Of (Villa Remix)

8. Friendly Foes - Full Moon Morning

9. The Traditionist - I Know My Ocean

10. Panther - Like A Bridge


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Blogger Chad said...

This was great, thank you so much. I'll listen to your inbox anytime. There were quite a few I really liked; Faunts, The Traditionist, Panther, Friendly Foes, Saint Bernadette, Patrick Pleau & Black Math Horseman. You were right about Kid606, I actually deleted that one. I almost never delete anything but I just knew I'd never want to listen to that one again. Willie Neal was good as well, I'm just less of a country fan. I was pretty ambivalent about the LANDy tune. Overall I think that Faunts was the standout.

Thanks again, I enjoyed it.
Chad in Grand Prairie,TX

5:44 PM 

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