Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Episode #93 Playlist (11.14.2007)

1.FrYars - The Ides
2.Sondre Lerche - To be Surprised
3.Your 33 Black Angels - Sue
4.Cannonball Jane - Take It To Fantastic
5.Deastro - The Floating Circle
6.I Make This Sound - Holiday
7.The Mary Onnettes - Void
8.The Figurines - New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (REM cover)
9.Siberian - Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls
10.Donovan - To Sing To You

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White

Check out Emily Jane White, the much anticipated California folk singer, who just put out a debut album on November 6th, titled Dark Undercoat. It's no secret there are talented women folk singers all over this planet. Only God really knows which ones really have the talent to be successful over a period of time. Most of them will go on to families and other things. They'll look back and think about the days they were folk singers, singing about the love and the lost. Most of them will never be heard, which is why right now you should take a listen to the voice and the lyrics of Emily Jane White. Her whispered tales of roads less travelled are not to be missed.

>>Emily Jane White - Bessie Smith
>>Emily Jane White - Wild Tigers I Have Known

And a video to boot!

Click here or watch below:

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yet Another Indie Outlet Bites the Dust in Dallas

The Adventure Club with Josh Venable on 102.1 has been cancelled indefinitely. I have been a member of the Yahoo! Group for some time now and way before Dallas Does Indie, the Adventure Club was my first outlet for good quality music on the radio/internet. It's just another depiction of the madness in radio broadcasting. Josh Venable, the creator/host of the show has brought a lot of joy to a lot of musically educated folks here in Dallas and it's sad to see that all come to an end.

I just wanted to make a brief mention of my gratitude to the Adventure Club and to Josh. I am a fan like so many others who wish Dallas were a different place. Instead we are left to fight a battle no one has won yet. Dallas, on the whole, will never be a town that welcomes raw and under appreciated talent, which is what Josh really was. The last dying ember of hope in radio has been stoked out by this sad sad town.

"there's a tower in the heart of london
with a radio station right at the top
they don't make the city beat
they're making all the action stop

a long time ago there were pirates
beaming waves from the sea
but now all the stations are silenced
'cos they ain't got a government license

wanna tell your problems
phone in from your bedsit room
having trouble with your partner
let us all in on the news

if you wanna hear a record
get the word from aiden day
he picks all the hits to play
to keep you in your place all day

capital radio
in tune with nothing
don't touch that dial."

You'll be missed Josh,

Dallas Does Indie

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #92

Episode #92 Playlist (11.05.2007)

1.The Evangelicals - The Halloween Song
2.Yeasayer - Waiting For The Summer
3.The Spinto Band - Japan Is An Island
4.Richard Swift - Kisses For the Misses
5.Guided By Voices - Echos Myron
6.The Caribbean - Bees, Their Vision and Language
7.Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden - Faster Than Cars
8.Poison Control Center - Glory Us
9.Yeasayer - Sunrise
10.Sigur Ros - Hljomalind
11.Joy Division - Transmission

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