Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Your Listening Pleasure: Eugene Francis Jnr

Eugene Francis Jnr

A friend of mine, can't say who he/she is because I don't know them per say, told another new friend about the Dallas Does Indie Podcast awhile back. This turned out to be providential for me because my new friend emailed me about my new favorite artist, Eugene Francis Jnr. Below is an excerpt from the Bio I was sent, and then even further below are some songs I'd like to share because I really love you. Also, here is the link to the MySpace.

Partial Bio:
Bored and fed up. Eugene Francis packed his little, junior guitar, and some threads and headed off to America on a Kerouac. During a late lock-in @ The White Horse Tavern (NYC) under the watchful eye of Dylan Thomas. Eugene Francis was enlightened by a friend who told him to move away from the pop-rock music he had been making and look for something to call his own.

Up to the challenge Eugene Francis headed back home to the Welsh Hills to start work.

Just like the construction of chitty-chitty-bang-bang, he disappeared to work on his project behind locked doors. He emerged 4 months later holding in his hand the proposed album 'The Golden Beatle' and the word 'Folktronica' would never be the same.

Eugene Francis Jnr. - Poor Me (mp3)
Eugene Francis Jnr. - Kites (mp3)

Plan on hearing Eugene Francis Jnr. featured on Episode #98 next week

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Yeasayer Ticket Winner


Episode #97 Playlist (1.18.2008)

1.Stickboy - Come Around (And See Me Again)
2.Future Clouds & Radar - Dr. No
3.Sunny Day Sets Fire - Stranger
4.Oxford Collapse - Last American Virgin
5.The Headlights - Cherry Tulips
6.Doug Burr - Come To My Senses
7.Wye Oak - Warning
8.Denis Jones - Beginning
9.The Figurines - The Air We Breathe
10.Death Valley Sleepers - Girl Got Lost
11.Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin - Glue Girls
12.R.Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene - I'm A Flirt (find more mashups at

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Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #97

Evan Farrell of Rogue Wave Memorial Fund

For those of you who have listened to Dallas Does Indie for any length of time, you know that I am a huge fan of Rogue Wave. The band has been through so much and yet continues to produce wonderful music. You might make the assumption that they rely on their music to get them through. A year ago, drummer Pat Spurgeon was able to get a kidney transplant. Much longer and Spurgeon wouldn't have made it. Then on December 23rd, an apartment fire, caused by an old heating unit going up in flames, took the life of Evan Farrell. I had the chance to see Rogue Wave play, along with Farrell, and the guy was phenomenal. I am so sad that he is gone, and in turn a band that I love so much, has to go through something like this. Below is excerpt from Pitchfork and an .mp3 from the Rogue Wave's session at Daytrotter. In addition, PLEASE donate something, ANYTHING, to the Evan Farrell memorial fund. Find the link below. - Jasien

Taken From Pitchfork
Bloomington, Indiana musician Evan Farrell died on December 23 in an apartment fire in Oakland, California, according to various reports.

Farrell served as bassist for Rogue Wave until early last year and toured with Magnolia Electric Co. this past fall, playing bass and pedal steel. He was also a member of the Secretly Canadian collective the Japonize Elephants, and had a hand in numerous other bands and projects over the years.

On the Rogue Wave website, Zach Rogue wrote, "If you ever saw Evan play music, you would know he was an exceptional and passionate musician. And if you ever had the chance to hang out with him, you would have no doubt been laughing at some point, because he was one of the funniest and most charismatic people ever. Always the extrovert, Evan was meant for the stage. Sometimes I almost felt he was from some other time, some other place."

A post on the Magnolia Electric Co. website echoed these sentiments, concluding, "We love you, Evan, and we are better people for having known you."

Farrell leaves behind a wife and two young children. A memorial fund has been established to help his family during this difficult time. Contribute by clicking here.

Taken from Daytrotter Sessions

Rogue Wave - Desperate (MP3)

Rogue Wave will be playing at Haileys in Denton next Saturday, January 26th. Please buy tickets and go support the band.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Yeasayer Ticket Giveaway from The Granada Theater

Yeasayer Giveaway

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Episode #96 Playlist (1.06.2008)

First Episode of the New Year! + Yeasayer Ticket Giveaway.

1.Oh No Oh My! - Finally Found A Home
2.Alberta Cross - The Thief & The Heartbreaker
3.Bedtime - Fall, In A Shade Of Red
4.Jose Gonzalez - Down The Line
5.Windmill - Plastic Pre-Flight Seats
6.Cass McCombs - That's That
7.Matt Pond, PA - Sunlight
9.Oh No Oh My! - The Party Punch
10.Plants and Animals - Lola Who?
11.Paul Anka - Mr. Brightside

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Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #96


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