Wednesday, June 27, 2007


DDI is teaming up again with the Granada Theater of Dallas, TX to give away two tickets to one lucky winner and listener of the Dallas Does Indie Podcast.

Listen to next weeks episode #81 and write down the Centro-matic track played on the show, then use the form on the right side of this page and shoot me an email with the track name.

Be sure to include your full name so they get it right at the will call window.

I will announce the winner on episode #82 and also send them an email.

The deadline to enter into the contest will be 5:00 P.M. - CST, Sunday July 8th, so be sure to pay attention next week and get your entry in.

Good luck.

****For those not in the DFW area, don't feel left out. Contact your local venues and tell them Dallas Does Indie would be happy to giveaway tickets to a show in your town.****

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Check out Motocade

My first encounter with Motocade, a catchy band hailing from New Zealand Land, was an email from Scott, their bassist. Motocade has been pinging bloggers and podcasters across the pond for several months now. It's that kind of dedication and persistance which allows all of us who would otherwise float around ignorantly, to hear their talent. Therefore, it becomes my responsibility to inform you how much I like them.

Originally out of Auckland, New Zealand, the band is made up of Eden Mulholland on vocal and guitar, brother Will Mulholland on drums, Geordie McCullum on piano and guitar, and lastly Scott Sutherland on the bass.

Their new E/P, Into The Fall just came out and is available on iTunes now. And just in case you're really not sure, here is a sample of the band's work.

mp3>> MOTOCADE - Bomb Squad
mp3>> MOTOCADE - Into The Fall

Monday, June 25, 2007

Episode #48 (Replay) Playlist (06.25.2007)

1.The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy
2.The Rosebuds - Shake Our Tree
3.Belle And Sebastian - We Are The Sleepyheads
4.Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
5.The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New
6.Rogue Wave - Loves Lost Guarantee
7.The Hourly Radio - First Love Is Forever
8.Beirut - Mt. Wroclai (Idle Days)
9.Sufjan Stevens - Dear Mr. Supercomputer
10.Devotchka - Were Leaving

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Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #48 (Replay)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Matador Records Sign The Cave Singers: Album due in the Fall
Taken from Matador Records

We couldn't be happier to announce --- despite having already been scooped by Pitchfork --- that we've signed the Seattle trio The Cave Singers to a longer-than-long, worldwide pact. Composed of vocalist Pete Quirk, percussionist Marty Lund and guitarist Derek Fudesco, the band's first full length, 'Invitation Songs', recorded with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Pretty Girls Make Graves) is due out this Autumn.

The Seattle Weekly's Brian Barr describes the trio's approach as akin to "an updated version of the Anthology of American Folk Music. Not the graduate-student, learned interpretations of folk music circa 1962, but folk music approached by way of punk rock. It's sparse, melodic, and simultaneously creepy and alluring, like the widow mourning graveside in Johnny Cash's 'Long Black Veil.'"

Download: The Cave Singers - "Seeds of Night"

forthcoming Cave Singers dates:

06-20 Seattle, WA - Neumos
06-21 Bellingham, WA - Chiribin's
06-24 Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's Garage
06-26 Santa Cruz, CA - The Attic
06-27 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
06-28 Fresno, CA - Tokyo Gardens
06-29 Los Angeles, CA - EL Cid
06-30 Los Angeles, CA - 6th St. Warehouse
07-01 San Diego, CA - The Casbah
07-28 Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill Block Party

Episode #80 Playlist (06.18.2007)

1.Spoon - The Underdog
2.Peel - Navy Waves
3.Ferraby Lionheart - Tickets to Crickets
4.Bright Eyes - Cleanse Song
5.Ryan Adams - Everybody Knows
6.The Cave Singers - Seeds Of Night
7.Spoon - Tear Me Down
8.Get Him Eat Him - Just So
9.Loudon Wainwright III - Daughter

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Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #80

FOR DALLAS: Check out who is coming to town

Granada Theater
6/21 - Menomena w/All Smiles
6/23 - Polyphonic Spree

The Cavern
6/19 - The Rosebuds

Ridglea Theater (Ft. Worth)
6/19 Dinosaur Jr.

For those of you in the Dallas area, you can see who else is coming to town anytime by clicking on one of the links under Music Venues on the right hand side of this webpage.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't Forget: Deadline to enter Menomena ticket giveaway is Sunday, June 17th 5:00 PM-CST

Just wanted to give those of you checking the site, a reminder. I have had several entries, which makes me happy.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iron and Wine Reveals Shepherd's Dog Tracklist
Taken from Pitchfork

Sam Beam, aka Iron and Wine, will release his latest LP and follow-up to 2004's Our Endless Numbered Days in late September, according to

The Shepherd's Dog will bear the time-tested Sub Pop stamp and include such previously reported songs as "Boy With a Coin", "House by the Sea", "Peace Beneath the City", "Carousel", and "Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car", along with seven others, all included on the tracklist we've lovingly reprinted below. "Boy With a Coin" should proceed the album as a single, backed with a few exclusive cuts from the Shepherd's Dog sessions.

Beam doesn't have any shows planned right now, but something tells us he'll be hitting the road soon.

The Shepherd's Dog:

01 Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car
02 White Tooth Man
03 Lovesong of the Buzzard
04 Carousel
05 House by the Sea
06 Innocent Bones
07 Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
08 Resurrection Fern
09 Boy With a Coin
10 The Devil Never Sleeps
11 Peace Beneath the City
12 Flightless Bird, American Mouth

The Mountain Goats Release Unreleased tracks
Taken from Daytrotter
words by Sean Moeller

For any writer, of any form, from any time period, the intention has been and always will be to pry back the eaves of the human condition and camp out inside that dark cover – with the outside lights jabbing in like shards of white, hot icicles — for even the briefest amount of time. It should – or at least it does when you get it right – feel like those nasty strawberries you get on your palms, arms, legs and (occasionally) cheeks when you get ejected from a bicycle. It probably will wet the corners of your eyes involuntarily. It will invigorate you immensely, to a point where both sides of the thermometer – the hot and the cold, the acid and the sweet – take on endearing qualities. Should one disintegrate there would be pangs of longing for its return – one enhances the other, the sugar or the salt on the top of a rim, bringing out the true spectacle in the experience. The Mountain Goats main man, John Darnielle, is a writer of songs that caravan, carrying a familiar strain of living, a familiar confusion and uncertainty about how this crazy mess of a life is all going to turn out in the end in each of his characters. They involve lives and people who are no better and no worse at getting through a day than any others in song, but they are not typical protagonists. They generally follow the mantra that Darnielle establishes in song, with the line, “Good things never last/Bad things never die.” They continue to experience their suffering and feel the entrance wound as if it were happening as we speak. If those in his songs are ever to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it won’t be without a considerable amount of effort and even then, what they see is more likely to be the kind of light and tunnel that the Road Runner always painted onto the side of a brick wall, getting the Wile E Coyote to splatter into. Optimism is not visceral. It needs work. Darnielle makes the gray areas red with emotion. As brains and hearts get battered and abused, he’s there somehow to beautify them, to put them in pretty dresses and make them feel as if they’re holding lone flowers in their hands. These – the places that Darnielle goes to regularly – are the brightest bits of darkness imaginable.

Red River Valley by The Mountain Goats

Ethiopians by The Mountain Goats

Pinklon by The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats Official Site

Don't be surprised if you hear one of these songs on episode #80.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taken from Pitchfork

Video: The Moscow Coup Attempt: "The Sprout and the Bean" (Joanna Newsom cover)

What do you do if you want to wring new poignancy from Joanna Newsom's beloved ballad, "The Sprout and the Bean"? If you're the Moscow Coup Attempt, you gather together urchins like the ones from the cover of the Walkmen's first album in all their grainy, sepia-toned pathos, and you make a video. You splice these winsome sprouts together home-video style, letting the Model-T cars, sailor caps, and white hair-bows work their nostalgic magic. You recast the song's twinkling harp runs as a plodding, bottom-heavy dirge, and most importantly, you play it close to the hip, surfing along the song's built-in swells without trying to replicate Newsom's avian warble. You close the clip with shots of stern-looking businessmen and military officers, yoking these bean-counters to the song's figurative beans and establishing a trajectory of life. You leave the final metamorphosis of these children from another time affectingly implicit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yes, it's true, I did give the incorrect name of the Menomena song on Episode 79. I think I got so excited about the contest that I mixed two song names together or something. I guess I'll have to fire "Larry" our research guy...wink wink.

Anyways, I want to make sure everyone who wants to, knows exactly what's required to enter into the contest:


1.Listen to Episode 79
2.Write down the name of the Menomena song played (either the "correct" name or the one I gave)
3.Visit (btw - you're already here)
4.Use the form on the right -------> Fill in "Full Name", "Email Address", and the name of the Menomena song - then hit "SEND"
5.That's it, you're done.

Monday, June 11, 2007

REMINDER: Dallas Does Indie "Menomena" Ticket Giveaway:

DDI and the Granada Theater of Dallas, TX are teaming up to give the listeners of the Dallas Does Indie Podcast a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the June 21st Menomena show.

Listen to Episode 79 (you've got three ways to do that - podcast, .mp3, or play it right from this website). I give specific instructions on the episode how you can one of two lucky winners.

IMPORTANT!!!! - I will wait until Sunday, June 17th (5:00 PM-Central Standard Time) to make the two random drawings. I will then notify the winners via email, and then announce them again on Episode 80, Monday June 18th.

REMEMBER!!!! - When using the form on the right to enter into the contest, you must provide your full name and valid email address, along with the song title I requested from Episode 79.

Good luck!

Playlist (06.11.2007)

FREE MENOMENA TICKETS!!! Listen to this episode to find out how you
can win.

1.Shout Out Louds - Time Left For Love
2.Bowerbirds - In Our Talons
4.Matt Pond PA - If You Want Blood
5.The Foundry Field Recordings
6.Joan As Policewoman - Eternal Flame
7.Princeton - Tokyo, Japan (mp3)
8.Electrelane - Cut And Run
9.Dr. Dog - Heart It Races (architecture in helsinki cover)(mp3)
10.Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
11.Track A Tiger - Light

Please visit for the cheapest prices on any cd!

Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #79 (Free Menomena Ticket Giveaway)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dallas Does Indie "Menomena" Ticket Giveaway:

DDI and the Granada Theater of Dallas, TX are teaming up to give the listeners of the Dallas Does Indie Podcast a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the June 21st Menomena show.

Listen closely to episode 79, which comes out Monday, June 11th. On that show is when I will explain just how you could be the lucky winner. Then on episode 80, which comes out Monday, June 18th, I will announce the winners. The winners will be able to pick up their tickets at the will call window of the Granada the day of the concert.

This is the first time DDI has been able to give away tickets to a show, and what a show to start with!!! Menomena is a great band off of the Barsuk record label, and this is the first time for the band to visit Dallas since the release of their new album, Friend and Foe.

Oh, and just in case you've never heard of the band, I'll be playing a new song from their album on episode 79.

So you really can't lose - the podcast is free, winning tickets is free, and of course my witty banter is ALWAYS free. Be sure to tune in.

****For those of you NOT in the D/FW area, don't just sit and pout - contact your local venues and tell them about our show. Wouldn't it be cool if DDI were giving away free concert tickets every week?****

Monday, June 04, 2007

Playlist (06.04.2007)

1.Okkervil River - Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
2.The New Pornagraphers - My Rights Versus Yours
3.Neko Case - Hold On. hold on.
4.Sufjan Stevens - Waste Of What Your Kids Wont Have
5.Ghosty - Make It Easier
6.Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - When Your Mind's Made Up
7.The Cobbs - Hold On
8.Dave "Baby" Cortez - Hurricane

Please visit for the cheapest prices on any cd!

Listen to Dallas Does Indie Episode #78


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